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Kenny Hotopp & The Night Owls are an original Americana, roots, and jam band that channels the essence of Midwest music. Led by Kenny Hotopp, the band blends traditional American folk, country, and improvisational jamming to create a distinctive sound. With a focus on authenticity and a nod to the rich musical heritage of the region, they deliver heartfelt ballads and lively jams that capture the spirit of the American heartland.

Lead Vocal

Kenny Hotopp

Kenny is a singer-songwriter playing original music, blending Americana, blues, alt-country and jam band. His mid-western upbringing resonates through his unique perspective on fatherhood, marriage, family, meeting the love of his life and finding inner balance.

Kenny was raised in a small farming town in Illinois. His passion for music came at an early age as he immersed himself in his parents’ classic rock and country records. After high school, Kenny moved to Los Angeles, CA, and then spent time in France, before ultimately settling down outside Milwaukee, WI.

It wasn’t until he turned 40, and with the encouragement of his beautiful wife, that Kenny began to appreciate his own voice and flair for playing guitar. His original Midwest sound is created by his rich, deep baritone voice and self-taught melodic guitar. With songs that are shaped from experience on the road and raising his family, he is always writing about the people he has met and places he has been, along the fascinating path of life.

He plays solo or with The Night Owls band. Kenny is making music his way and hopes you will enjoy the ride as much as he does.

The Band

the Night Owls

Brandon Begotka

Lead Guitar

Nate Bilitz


Garrett Newkirk

Lead Guitar

Mark Eskeritt


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